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Ms. Hook is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Neustar, Inc. and is a director of Neustar.
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Marketing Technology in 2014: Data-Driven Solutions

My last post outlined three key technology challenges for marketers. Now, I’m going to explain what Neustar is doing to help. Our goal in 2014 is to bring our partners a single, seamless view of their current and potential customers through the media they utilize, both online and offline, based on accurate, real-time data and […]

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Marketing Technology in 2014: Three Challenges

  Here are three current technology challenges for marketers. The first technology challenge flows from the fact that the Mad Men of today are the quants. They may not dress as well as Account Services, or be as moody and alluring as the Creatives, but let’s face it, in our world they’re the cool ones. […]

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Marketing Technology in 2014: Where We’re Going

I’m willing to bet that you have a smartphone in your pocket or your bag.  You probably upgraded it in the last 12 months.  When you did, you likely walked into – and out of – a retail store with a new device but the same phone number. I’m pretty sure it was a seamless […]

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Neustar and Year Up: Partnership for the Future

At Neustar, we believe that our education system should place a greater emphasis on the technical subjects that are critical to our country’s future economic growth. And we  hope that more and more students will develop an interest  in  science, technology, engineering or math (STEM), if for no other reason than many of the best jobs in […]

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STEMming America's Education Decline

STEMming America’s Innovation Decline

At Neustar, we like to say that we are the technology behind the technology that many of us use today. But what about the people behind the technology – the individuals who drive innovation at Neustar and keep our company growing in an increasingly competitive economy? These team members, made up of engineers, programmers, and […]

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Technology Behind the Technology: Neustar

Neustar: The Technology Behind the Technology

We are very pleased to launch this week an effort at using online and print advertising to communicate more about who we are and what we do. Over time, a number of people have said to me, “Neustar is the best kept secret in technology.” We aim to rectify that. It is important that our […]

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Neustar to Acquire TARGUSinfo

Why Neustar is Acquiring TARGUSinfo

Today we announced that Neustar has signed a definitive agreement to acquire TARGUSinfo. This is a major event in the life of both companies. The people who know both of us understand that billions of times every day Neustar and TARGUSinfo flawlessly help people find each other, connect to one another and share information across […]

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