Do U Spk 2 Consumers in their N8ive Thumb?

textinglanguage630 150x150 Do U Spk 2 Consumers in their N8ive Thumb?If you expect people to listen to you, you need to speak their language. So what language do most consumers speak? Today, they’re fluent in texting.

In fact, during the time it takes you to read this article, there’s a very good chance you’ll send or receive a text message. After all, Americans text over 5.9 billion times a day.

With numbers like that, it’s clear that texting—better known to mobile marketers as SMS—has become the preferred way to communicate.  It makes perfect sense. Texting is discreet, timely, convenient and highly personal.  Even in urgent business meetings, thumbs are flying fast. And if you have kids, which do they answer, your phone calls or your texts?

Case closed.

When people choose a new way to communicate, it’s a profound shift. Marketers and advertisers need to take heed.  By using this highly personal tool to speak the right language, you can better explain why your product matters. Why it’s relevant to your target. How your brand is different. And what it stands for, starting with an engaging customer experience.

Of particular value to marketers: SMS decisively enables the broadest reach possible:

In June of 2011 there were over 322.8 million wireless subscriber connections active in the U.S. alone [Source: CTIA’s Semi-Annual Wireless Survey 2011]

  • Even more impressive is that nearly 100% of these wireless devices capably supported SMS delivery
  • In translation, SMS provides for the largest and most ubiquitous TAM (total addressable market) in history

Moreover, SMS marketing is arguably the most mature mobilization channel, with relatively low costs to boot.  It’s a near-limitless way to augment your existing communications strategies.

Any way you look at it, SMS adds up. For anyone that might disagree, all I can say is…LOL!

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dot Do U Spk 2 Consumers in their N8ive Thumb?
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