CCCC Beijing: Learning to Trust the Cloud

Neustar was well-represented at the first annual Cloud Computing China Congress (CCCC), which took place in Beijing on March 25, 2010. This event brought together an exclusive, influential group of 300 CXOs, architects, application developers, business analysts, IT managers, vice presidents and directors of IT Strategy and Planning, and VCs to discuss and debate the opportunities, business models, funding and adoption paths for cloud computing in China. Speakers included representatives from many of China’s largest public and private organizations, along with Amazon, McAfee, Microsoft, and IBM.

What follows is a series of excerpts from media interviews done at the Neustar booth in the wake of the well-received presentation “How to Trust the Cloud,” given by Neustar’s Head of Research and Development at Webmetrics Lenny Rachitsky.

Briefly describe the Neustar Webmetrics solution and how it can be leveraged by companies that are moving their applications and infrastructure to the cloud.

Webmetrics is an external monitoring service from Neustar that tests your website and web applications by simulating real users coming to your site and walking through your key transactions, all while tracking performance and notifying you of any issues. As you move your applications into the cloud, you lose control and visibility into your infrastructure – and that makes external monitoring even more important, because what really matters is what your users are experiencing.

What are the primary reasons that companies are moving to the cloud, and where does Neustar fit in?

The biggest benefits that I see are cost, agility, architecture, and the ability to focus on core competencies. Neustar helps you achieve all of these benefits while avoiding some of the pitfalls that come with the cloud – such as the lack of visibility, control and trust.

What are the advantages of using Neustar’s Webmetrics solution, compared to other performance management solutions?

Our focus is on helping companies collaborate more effectively both internally and externally; making it easier for our customers to understand and use the solution efficiently; and offering the most powerful monitoring technology on the market.

Lenny Rachitsky’s presentation from the CCCC via Slideshare.

If you’d like to read his script as you watch, you can simply open the “Notes” tab below the screen.

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