IP Intelligence is Infectious

ipintelligence220 150x100 IP Intelligence is InfectiousOnline advertising is growing, and will continue to grow as users continue to increase their time online. When advertising online, it’s important to understand the audience, measurements, and how to continually increase ROI to achieve greater success.

Neustar’s UK team has recently started working with online display specialist, Infectious Media, complementing the company’s analytics, targeting and optimization tools for more accurate location-based ad targeting.

According to Infectious Media’s CTO, Daniel de Sybel, “The continued growth of online advertising, coupled with the maturing of ad exchanges, has led brand marketers to question conventional thinking on how brand budgets are best spent online.” Because of this, Infectious Media has adapted and uses data and proprietary technology to deliver online display advertising, including real-time bidding for impression-level media and deep integration into social advertising platforms such as Facebook.

Infectious Media is able to do this through Neustar’s IP Intelligence data — which helps fuel Infectious Media’s powerful research system — enabling its marketing clients to build more intelligent digital display campaigns based on IP geolocation data.

The relationship is off to a good start. Infectious Media has been very happy with what we’re able to offer in terms of on-the-ground 24/7 support, and the expertise we have in the local team. In addition, Neustar’s IP Intelligence has helped Infectious Media develop a real-time bidding offering, which involves buying and selling online display advertising in real-time. This means that marketers are gaining a deeper insight into their audiences, which is helping them deliver higher advertising returns.

de Sybel also stated, “Our clients look to us to optimize the impact of their online advertising campaigns, and we do this by having the best available targeting and optimization tools. The IP Intelligence solutions offered by Neustar provide us with the location-based granularity we need to continue offering the most efficient real-time display advertising to our clients. And that’s a great win for all.”

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Lane Joplin


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