Neustar Recognizes Top Technical Talent

We’re pleased to announce that recently, we launched a new program to encourage the professional development of our top technical talent. The program allows individual contributors to achieve levels that are equivalent to Director and Vice President while remaining in the technical track. In keeping with industry norms, these positions are named Distinguished Engineer and Fellow respectively.

We are delighted to recognize the first two people to attain these new levels. Tom McGarry is Neustar’s first ever Fellow and Jon Peterson is the first Distinguished Engineer. These prestigious awards recognize these technologists as having achieved professional distinction, preeminence in technology, and major contributions to Neustar and the industry.

mcgarry fellow 150x150 Neustar Recognizes Top Technical TalentTom McGarry has been with Neustar since January 1998 and has proven to be instrumental in driving technology and thought leadership both internally and externally.  McGarry has acted as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the company for two years during his tenure.  He is a recognized expert in routing, naming, addressing, domain names, communications and other technologies.  He has been a key asset in creating and extending many of our lines of business including Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC), number administration, Internet domain names, common short codes, and media services.  As the acting CTO, McGarry helped transform the CTO organization from a classic structure, to one focused on driving innovative technology and research.

peterson dist eng 150x150 Neustar Recognizes Top Technical TalentJon Peterson has been with Neustar since 2001.  He has been a key thought leader in our evolution from a telecom services company to an Internet company. With his deep background in both traditional telephony protocols and Internet technology, he has found ways to bridge the gap between our existing lines of business and new product possibilities. Peterson’s technology knowledge is not limited to communications; he is both broad and deep in his knowledge of many Internet-based technologies.

In the industry, Peterson is regarded in the highest echelon of technologists.  As the Area Director of IETF’s Transport and RAI Areas and the Internet Engineering Steering Group Peterson firmly established his reputation as an extremely knowledgeable technologist and an effective manager leading tasks that are critical to the future of the Internet.  Jon was voted into the Internet Architecture Board (IAB), a group that oversees Internet protocol development through the IETF and the operations and management of IP addresses and top-level domain names through the Internet Address Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

dot Neustar Recognizes Top Technical Talent
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