Neustar Weekly Reading: Data-driven Talent Crisis; Mobile Data Use

Neustar’s Weekly Reading provides a roundup of the headlines that got our attention this week–from both inside the company and out.

Drowning in Data, Our Business Faces a Serious Talent Crisis [AdAge] – The advertising and marketing industries are in the middle of a talent crisis. They need talent that can  draw insights from all their data.

Mobile Data Use Surging, but Tablets Largely a Wi-Fi-Only Affair [AllThingsD] -  Most tablet buyers are opting to use their devices only on Wi-Fi.

Hedy Lamarr: Movie star, inventor of Wi-Fi [CBSNews] – Speaking of Wi-Fi… did you know Hedy Lamarr invented it? I sure didn’t.

It’s Time for a New Definition of Big Data [SmartDataCollective] - Big data can be very “small” and not all large datasets are “big.”  It’s time to find a new definition for big data.

The Case for UltraViolet [Forbes] – Neustar’s Tim Dodd guest posts and explains that recently, consumers quietly began using the service to move copies of movies and TV shows to the cloud.


dot Neustar Weekly Reading: Data driven Talent Crisis; Mobile Data Use
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