Neustar Weekly Reading: Mobile World Congress; UltraViolet; STEM Education

Neustar’s Weekly Reading provides a roundup of the headlines that got our attention this week–from both inside the company and out.

Join us at Mobile World Congress - Product demos and seminars to help you explore how real intelligence can enable you to make better decisions.

One Million UltraViolet Copies Redeemed – Consumers purchasing new release movies with UltraViolet have redeemed digital rights to more than 1 million copies in the cloud-based digital storage platform, according to a new report.

STEM Education: Colleges Look Beyond the Lecture - Science, math and engineering departments at many universities are abandoning or retooling the lecture as a style of teaching, worried that it’s driving students away.

Neustar Partners with NSBA to Encourage Small Businesses to Get Online – Neustar is joining forces with the National Small Business Association (NSBA) to spread the word about connecting small businesses with new online venues.

How The Era Of ‘Big-Data’ Is Changing The Practice Of Online Marketing - The arrival of the era of big data signals to the truly successful online marketer that they must now view the online landscape in their niche from both a channel and a cross-channel perspective.



dot Neustar Weekly Reading: Mobile World Congress; UltraViolet; STEM Education
Erin Bush

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Erin Bush is the Managing Editor of Neustar Insights. She blogs about big data, social media, STEM and other industry trends. She can be reached at, or you can follow her on Twitter @ErinSlick.

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