Three Opportunities to Find Your Best Customers and Engage Them

As a digital marketer in 2014, you stand at a crossroads of opportunity. On your left are the customers and prospects, ready and receptive to a personalized digital dialogue with your brand. On your right are data and analytics, newly arrived to help you identify your most profitable customers and deliver this dialogue directly to […]

Who’s Who in the New Dot Brandscape… And Why Should You Care?

Let’s go to the scoreboard. There are 1751 applications for new top-level domains. Nearly 1/3 (635) are brands. The rest are generics (e.g. .Buzz) and geographies (e.g .NYC). So, brands are definitely interested in new TLDs – and a handful of major industries have jumped into the lead. If you’re in any of those verticals, […]

Why Can’t My Marketing Data Work Harder?

Marketers harvest data like Kansas harvests wheat – and just like those farm silos, marketers’ data stores are bulging. But too often, that data just sits there. According to a recent Neustar-Digiday report, 35 percent of marketing professionals say that their data collection is only “moderately effective” in meeting business needs – while thirteen percent […]

Do You Know Your Activation From Your Attribution?

We recently teamed up with Digiday to survey 100 digital media and marketing executives on the challenges of personalized marketing. More than half of them (53%) reported “always” or “often” struggling to personalize their marketing at scale. Brands know that they need to get personal – delivering a relevant, one-on-one dialogue to their customers – […]

Brand TLDs: Four Reasons To Move From .COM To Your .BRAND

Ask Google, Amazon, AXA and hundreds of other brands: branded top-level domains are the future of the web. Since 2012, when the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) opened up applications for new TLDs, more than 600 businesses have submitted applications for branded TLDs. Should your company launch a .brand TLD? Absolutely, says […]

Why Omnichannel Marketing is Now Essential for Financial Marketers

At NetFinance 2014, a panel of industry marketers agreed on two things. One, omnichannel marketing can sharpen your competitive edge, connecting data across touchpoints to address customers more personally. And two, most in financial services lack the systems to make it work, though they are making progress and are determined to stay the course. Omnichannel […]

Five Ways to Waste Your Online Ad Spending

Digital advertising is booming. In 2013, for the first time, Internet ad revenues surpassed TV ad revenues, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers U.S. Once cautious about new media, the world’s biggest marketers now are singing the praises of digital marketing’s effectiveness. But as agencies and advertisers race into digital media, they need […]

How Good Is Your Customer Intelligence?

A marketing message can only work if it reaches its intended target. It’s almost as bad sending an ad to an inappropriate person (for instance, a minivan ad delivered to a young, single guy or a snow blower ad to a household in Florida) as sending it so many times to the same person that […]

Research: Top-Audience Targeting Lifts ROI on Media Spend up to 5500%

According to Neustar’s just-released Q1 2014 Media Intelligence Report, some brands are getting amazing returns on their media spend by leveraging third-party data to target highly desirable audiences. In the report, Neustar looked at six verticals where ROI skyrocketed for customers using this approach. In one vertical – retail – the ROI from using top-audience […]

Four Big Digital Advertising Trends from Q1’s Media Intelligence Report

Digital marketing is rapidly evolving, with constant changes in behavior and emergence of new players. To help marketers keep up with the latest trends, we publish the Media Intelligence Report on a quarterly basis. Here are four key trends we identified in our Q1 report, based on analysis of 152 billion ad events, 28 billion […]