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Increased Security Threats in the World of Machine to Machine Computing

October may be Security Awareness Month, but at Neustar, we think about security issues all year long. Recently, one of our own cybersecurity experts, Rodney Joffe, was quoted in this week’s AutoWeek story, “Who’s in Control of Your Car?” about the security vulnerabilities of modern automobiles. Joffe explained that vehicles (beginning with 1998 models) are […]

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Future M2M Applications

Future M2M Applications

In previous posts, my colleagues laid out a great case that even if mobile networks are being used to provide communications for M2M systems, the industry should use a new addressing scheme.  Using traditional telephone numbers (TNs) on a network will simply exhaust our supply of TNs, and will require costly upgrades of many systems. […]

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Say hello to the future of machine to machine addressing

Say Hello and Address Machine to Machine Appropriately

We love phone numbers at Neustar, of course we do. In fact, Tom has shown in Part 1 of this series, Telephone Numbers Are For People, Not Machines, that in the particular case of Machine to Machine (M2M), using phone numbers to address those devices and machines (and not people), can be short sighted. My colleague, […]

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How to Name Your M2M Devices

How to Name Your M2M Device

A standard method for naming and addressing Machine to Machine (M2M) devices is going to be critical as these devices proliferate. A standard method will ensure that the devices are useful to the widest group of people, are interoperable among many networks and services, and propagate as useful tools for all. There are many ways […]

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Telephone Numbers Are For People Not Machines

Telephone Numbers Are for People, Not Machines

Through the years, new technologies and capabilities have been so popular they put a strain on numbering resources. Cell phones and faxes were blamed for many area code exhausts in the ‘80s and ‘90s. After the Telecommunications Act of 1996, when competition for local telephone service was introduced, we witnessed the greatest threat to area […]

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The 4G Revolution and M2M Communications

If you haven’t been steeped in the machine-to-machine (M2M) industry, you might not realize the size of this communications market. Over the last decade, M2M communications has quietly grown to more than 150 million connected devices in 2010. [Harbor Research] “What began in SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems for natural gas pipeline management […]

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