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Targeting High Performing Audiences Leads to Efficiency in Your Media Spend

The goal of each marketer is to reach more consumers and convert them into buyers. Considering that nearly half of all US consumers are online all the time, it makes sense to make full use of your data sources to reach them more efficiently. According to a recent study, these so-called “always-on” consumers use three […]

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What Does the Marketing Industry Say About Neustar PlatformOne?

We recently announced the launch of PlatformOne, a  single marketing platform that integrates real-time customer and media insights with the tools to activate more personalized marketing campaigns, both offline and online. In the busy marketing solutions landscape, the PlatformOne launch generated a good deal of media coverage. Here are three of our favorite pieces. 1.  […]

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Send the Right Signal with Your Cross-Channel Marketing Strategy

As a modern marketer, it’s not enough for you to simply analyze online marketing efforts for success.  To be truly effective, you need to perform in-line marketing: aligned campaigns that look at the customer journey holistically across both offline and online channel experiences. If you’re like many marketing professionals, however, you may have limited insight […]

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Neustar Launches PlatformOne, An Integrated, Centralized Marketing Solution

Today, Neustar introduced an industry first offering that’s destined to become marketers’ “easy button” for maximizing customer reach, enhancing campaigns and increasing ROI.  PlatformOne is a cloud-based solution that integrates our customer intelligence, media intelligence and ability to activate tailored online and offline campaigns, all in one easy-to-use platform. Marketers now have a single go-to […]

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Multi-Channel vs. Omni-Channel Marketing for CSPs

For communication service providers (CSP), omni-channel marketing is a natural evolution from multi-channel marketing, although the two are oftentimes confused. The difference between is subtle but very important. Multi-channel marketing is all about seeing your customers as they interact with your various marketing channels. Omni-channel marketing is about being your customers during the same journey—that […]

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Where Are You on the Marketing & IT Maturity Curve?

Three Stages of Marketing and IT Alignment Maturity

Marketers know that today’s consumers expect an online experience that is responsive, easy to navigate, relevant, interesting, and optimized for the device they’re currently using. In order to provide this kind of experience, digital marketers have to rely on their IT teams’ ability to create an infrastructure that can support it. It stands to reason, […]

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Closing the Loop: Understanding Channel Influence on Online and Offline Conversions

One of the biggest marketing challenges today is closing the loop between the offline and online worlds. Understanding how ads seen online affect online and in-store purchases is especially difficult. According to a recent report by Ad Age and Neustar, around 43% of marketers say that matching online campaigns to online and offline conversions is one […]

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Three Ways to Improve the Customer Experience Through Marketing and IT Alignment

When IT and marketing aren’t in sync, customers can disappear. That’s because you need marketing and IT alignment to give customers what they expect: the right content, whenever they want it, on whichever device they’re using. That’s the challenge tackled by the latest Neustar white paper, “Building a Digital Marketing and IT Engine to Meet […]

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Graphic: What’s a Snowboarder’s Favorite Off-Slope Brands?

A typical snowboarder drives a Pontiac, flies to the slopes on United, and ‘shreds’ the aisles at… Crate and Barrel? Here’s a snapshot of boarders and their brands, created with data from our ElementOne marketing analytics platform, to help you target this audience better.

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Survey: Marketers Crave the Benefits of Omni-Channel… But Lack the Analytics to Make it Work

Empowered with 24/7 access to product information, today’s consumers are in the driver’s seat. They’re exploring brands and offers on websites, in physical stores or through call centers, not to mention mobile sites, social media, interactive ads and more. And they choose to engage, interact or ignore based on their experience at each point of […]

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