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Technical and Marketing Benefits of Open Source Software (OSS)

Is open source software development a useful strategy for business? That is an issue that is constantly being debated in online forums across the Internet. While there are some negative perspectives that either stem from a lack of adequate documentation or the proliferation of licenses that complicate the legal uses, there are many successful open […]

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How to Maximize Your IT Budget

In today’s business environment, many enterprises are looking for ways to maximize the productivity of their IT organizations, even while their budgets are being constrained or cut. There are many ways that IT executives are trying to achieve this including: Shifting expenditure from CAPEX to OPEX budgets by leveraging Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud […]

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Cloud Computing: A Platform Analysis – Webcast

We have a great new on-demand webcast to share: Cloud Computing – a Platform Analysis . Presented by Alistair Croll of Bitcurrent the webinar includes an in-depth review of the results from Bitcurrent’s primary research study across five of the most popular cloud platforms. It covers: – How different clouds perform for web users – The key differences across clouds for specific functions – network delivery, computation and back-end I/O – How each cloud user is affected by…READ MORE

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Global Managed DNS

Global ENUM: The underlying infrastructure for service discovery in the migration to an all-IP communications future

Today’s “net” generation expects feature-rich services and access from anywhere. As operators add new multi-media services to meet this demand, they face the significant challenges of network interworking. How do operators provide for global interoperability without increasing costs and risks? A new approach that takes advantage of the flexible Internet and IP architectures is needed to ensure ubiquitous service connectivity. To this end, Neustar is proud to present its latest complimentary

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On the Performance of Clouds

Cloud computing is here, and it’s changing everything: infinitely scalable on-demand hardware, no up-front costs, pay-as-you-go pricing, and click-and-drag instead of rack-and-stack. It’s a paradigm shift in how IT functions, but it is no silver bullet. There are limits to the abstracted infrastructure, and undelivered promises around automatically scalable hardware. To analyze the promise and the reality of cloud, Alistair Croll spent five months doing primary research across five of the…

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Online ID Management From the User Perspective: An Interview with Peter Davis

In an age when more and more of our lives are led digitally – Facebooking, Tweeting and conducting all manner of electronic transactions – it’s more important than ever for web users to become aware of the type of data that exists about them online, and the administration of linkages that are created between these services (such as allowing Twitter to update your Facebook status).There are a number of emerging projects and standards that have begun to address these issues: the Kantara…

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