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UltraDNS DDoS Attack Update

The Neustar UltraDNS network experienced a massive DDoS attack on April 30.  We are still conducting a detailed forensic analysis of the data but I can tell you that the initial attacks began against a specific customer late in the evening on April 29.  The attacks continued to change vectors and targets and increased in […]

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The History & Evolution of DNS – Starting from the Beginning

With so much going on in today’s digital world, it’s hard to know where to begin with DNS.  So, let’s take a step back and look at the history of DNS. First Generation DNS Here’s a little bit of history. The term “Domain Name System” refers to two things.  First, the term refers to the […]

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A Case Where DNSSEC Would Help: Part 1

A long-standing UltraDNS customer** reported that a set of recursive servers throughout the world were responding with an incorrect address for a server of theirs. The server address was configured in an UltraDNS managed zone and was configured to be the correct value. Still some recursive servers were answering with an incorrect value as if […]

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Planning for March Madness or DDOS Attacks

Contingency Planning: Busted Brackets or DDOS Attacks

Today marks the beginning of March Madness, that mythical three-week period each spring when the college basketball fan in your life disappears only to spend equal amounts of time alternating between actually watching the games on every available channel or mobile device and cursing at the teams who’ve blown his or her bracket totally apart. […]

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Four Ways to Improve Your Super Bowl Ad

Whether you are a football fan or not, all eyes will be focused on the television come Sunday, Feb. 5th for one reason. The Super Bowl. But not all eyes will be focused on the game. The ads get just as much attention as the players do. The media spend as much space discussing the […]

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Basic UltraDNS

Free Today, Down Tomorrow: Are you prepared to be an SMB overnight sensation?

SMBs need to prepare for future success today. Many small businesses, particularly those powered by online marketing and increasingly dependent on e-commerce, know they might see spikes in online traffic anytime, but they may not ready for it. It’s important for them to get prepared, all while staying in a reasonable budget. That being said […]

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Whither IPv6? An IPv6 Primer & Recommendations

Whither IPv6? Introduction IPv6 (Internet Protocol, version 6) is a replacement protocol for IPv4, which we have today. IPv6 was primarily developed to stave off the impending exhaustion of the IPv4 address pool. IPv4 is a 32 bit binary number, represented in decimal form, such as (which happens to correspond to This 32-bit IPv4 address pool provides approximately 4.2 billion unique addresses that may be used by systems on the Internet. In contrast, IPv6…

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Global managed DNS

Pomp & Circumstance (the root DNS zone graduates to full DNSSEC)

Amid quite a lot of hoopla the root DNS zone of the global public Internet “graduated” into full DNSSEC operation on July 15 (give or take a day depending on the timezone). Having been involved with DNSSEC since it was still a DARPA research project in the mid 1990′s, I don’t know whether I want to be happy to see this (joining in the crowd of folks congratulating each other on a job well done) or just a little cynical that it took so long to get here (joining in with the crowd that..

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Free Parking

We’ve recently gotten some coverage regarding our recursive service blocking parked domains. (Recursive is the part of the DNS puzzle that answers end-user requests to the Internet.) We aren’t doing that! Our recursive service has this really cool feature that allows whomever is providing the service to its users (your Internet Service Provider) to select what sites it thinks you should be warned about. They can configure it to block the site completely, or provide a warning before you get…

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Propagation Time

What’s the biggest complaint about DNS? Propagation time — specifically, the time it takes for DNS changes to become widespread across the Internet. Any DNS provider using anycast with nodes in multiple locations should be able to implement changes pretty quickly, but the Internet is a pretty big enigma. Have you thought about the size […]

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