Get Your Site Traffic-Ready for the Holiday Rush: Part 2

In Part One of Neustar Webmetrics’ latest series, “In the Driver’s Seat: Load Testing Best Practices,” you learned about all the aspects of load testing, including planning, configuring, scripting, executing and analyzing. Now you may be wondering about how to configure your test. What are all the pieces that need to be thought about and configured? Fortunately these are not complex questions; you just need to know some basic information:

  • Where do you expect or see web traffic coming from?
  • How many users come to your site?
  • How should you apply your user load during the test?
  • Should you test with virtual users or real browser users?
  • Where do users spend the most time on your site?
  • How long do users take when navigating your site?
  • Do you use third party vendors?

Intrigued? Read the entire article, “In the Driver’s Seat: Load Testing Best Practices – Configuration,” at the Neustar Webmetrics blog.

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dot Get Your Site Traffic Ready for the Holiday Rush: Part 2
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