“How to Trust the Cloud” Webcast

For those of you interested in learning more about the Cloud and making the transition to Cloud-based services, we have a new informative on-demand webcast that might interest you: “How to Trust Cloud” . Here’s the synopsis:

The idea of moving key parts of your business into the cloud is scary. You lose control, visibility, and a neck to wring when something goes wrong. What does it take to make the leap? More important than the ROI and the many other benefits is the ability to trust the cloud. This presentation focuses on why that is, how to build that trust, and what to look for when moving to the cloud.

Join Lenny Rachitsky, our Head of Research and Development at Webmetrics, as he covers:

• The primary challenges in trusting the cloud
• The benefits companies are seeing from the cloud
• A four-step approach to building trust on top of the cloud

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dot “How to Trust the Cloud” Webcast

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